Our Products

Single phase drive OEM

Single-Phase Drives OEM

Our single phase AC drives withstand harsh operating environments and offer robust control and functionality in a small form factor.

3-phase drive OEM

3-Phase Drives OEM

We offer multiple 3-phase VFD configurations and can create custom 3-phase drives to exceed OEM and military specifications.

Invertek variable frequency drives

Invertek Drives

Single-phase and 3-phase drives for a wide range of applications including fans, pumps, industrial motors, HVAC and lift motors.

Our Services


Design & Prototyping Services

Invention House utilizes state-of-the art PCB layout software and CAD software. Our engineers can take your ideas and turn them into reality or you can hire Invention House to create a custom electronic control circuit to fit your needs. From design and layout to product manufacturing and fulfillment, we can do it.

Testing Services

Invention House has the equipment, experience and capabilities to test products to insure reliability in the field. Our equipment can simulate environmental stress, shock, vibration, and lightning transients. All of our products are subject to rigorous testing and we offer testing as a contract service.

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Your Challenge is our Mission

At Invention House, our mission is to engineer reliable, efficient and economical motor control products for our customers. We thrive on challenging environments and requirements. We deliver amazing results. Let us show you how!