3-phase driveOEM motor drives often must meet demanding specifications. Invention House 3-Phase variable frequency drives (3PD) are designed to survive ambient temperature range from -45 to +55c and withstand 40g shock and 2g rms vibration. Drive control is facilitated through standard terminals or Modbus.

3PD Input/Output Configuration: Single or 3 phase input, 3 phase output.

Our 3-phase VFD is available with a flange for bulkhead mounting.

Cooling requirement is minimal - just 5 cfm across the heat sink fins.

Model   Input voltage   Output  Freq   Output current   Features    Availability 
3PD-32010GP  200- 253V    5-120Hz          10A   general purpose       yes
3PD-3230F  200- 253V     35-88hz          10A  Military  proprietary
3PD-3230C  200- 253V     35-88hz          10A  Military  proprietary

Seeking a Custom 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive?

If a standard 3-Phase drive does not fit your requirements, let us design and build a custom 3-phase drive to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how Invention House can design a VFD to meet demanding horsepower, power density and control needs. Our custom engineering services are competitive and we work fast. We offer a variety of options from design-only to design and manufacture.