Automate Brush Coating of Printed Circuit Boards

The Raphael 4040 (Pat. Pend.) is a table-top-size robotic conformal coater for coating PCBs containing 3D components such as switches and connectors that can not be coated. Raphael 4040 Conformal Coating Robot with Brush Applicator


A computer-controlled pump and brush applicator deliver a precise amount of conformal coating over a pre-programmed path with the brush applicator controllable to within 7-thousandths of an inch. The program guides the brush along an optimum path, rising up or around critical components.  An integrated joystick is used to "teach" Raphael the ideal coating path, which can then be further optimized within the coating path program.

First developed by Invention House for coating our own boards used in the production of custom variable frequency drives, we quickly realized that the Raphael 4040 offers break-through technology to eliminate a PCB manual coating process.  Some board types, because of components, volume, and other considerations have historically been hand-coated. The Raphael 4040 re-creates the manual coating process with robotic precision so that every board turns out exactly the same - eliminating board rework while creating a safer environment for workers. Multiple board coating layouts can be stored and accessed as needed, allowing the use of a single machine to run multiple board types, or the use of multiple machines for increased capacity and efficiency.

Watch Now: Raphael 4040 Conformal Coating Overview Video

Eliminate Masking, Increase Productivity & Quality with the Raphael 4040

Internal tests show a 4x to 5x board coating speed compared to manual coating,*with the huge time-savings by eliminating the masking keep-away areas. Each Raphael unit can process multiple boards (depending on size) and can be paired with other Raphael units to boost productivity. A single worker now achieves significantly higher output.  With exact finishing from board to board, board rework is minimized and with rampant labor shortages and supply chain issues, that is a HUGE plus.

Watch Now: High-Speed Conformal Coating Path - Dry Run

Achieve Improved Working Conditions

Workers supporting the Raphael no longer need to directly apply the conformal coating which distances them from fumes and reduces tedious handwork. The Raphael 4040 creates better working conditions which can lead to lower turnover - and that is vitally important in this current Covid-19 impacted labor market.


Raphael 4040 Benefits: Robotic Conformal Coating Robot with Brush Applicator

  • Higher Quality: Boards completed with identical precision time after time.
  • Table-Top Size: 21.5" wide x 19.5" deep x 27" high  fits under most vent hoods.
  • Faster: Can coat boards 4x to 5x faster than a manual process*.
  • Reduce Waste: Eliminates overspray, waste from rework.
  • Eliminate or Reduce Masking: Masking can be completely eliminated on some jobs or dramatically reduced on others.
  • Quantity: 40 cm x 40 cm work area can accommodate multiple boards.
  • Safety:  Distances workers from conformal fumes & eliminates tedious handwork.
  • Labor Savings: Better working conditions, higher productivity per worker.

*Based on internal tests.  Final coating speed depends on many factors such as board size, the number of boards per plate, board complexity, etc.